Nobody likes spending money on utilities but every business needs effective utilities to run efficiently.

What you don’t need is to overspend on unnecessary charges and inflated out of contract rates.

Too many companies in Ireland are overpaying on their utility costs. Eicea Energy will review, analyse and return the best market rates for your particular business. We take all factors into consideration including; business type, operating hours and existing contracts.

We can perform an energy audit to ensure you are on the correct tariff, KVA and standing charge, based off your actual energy consumption.

Your individual Account Manager, backed by our comprehensive CRM system, ensures you never run into out of contracts rates by performing an annual review, at least one month in advance of your existing contracts expiring.

With many businesses now requiring cash free and online service options, whether you are new to cards or have an existing provider, we can offer a complete utility review to include Commercial Merchant Services and Telecoms.

There is no charge to you for renewing our switching providers, all we require is a recent copy of your electricity/gas/ merchant service or telecoms bill. Click on the links below for more information each individual utility service.

To find out more about SEAI Grants and finance options for all renewable energy phone +353 85 262 3365 or email us at