Mobile Phones and Broadband are without doubt now up there as essential utilities for any business to run effectively.

Working from home has shown us how important these two utilities have become in our day to day lives. They can however vary widely in costs and services with a huge array of tariffs and payment plans for business and personal use.

At Eicea Energy we work with a number of telecom providers to help simplify these options to what you really need. From multiple mobile phones to highspeed broadband we have you covered and if you are looking to step further into the future or have requirements for travel or working from home we can advise on unified digital communications and cloud contact centre.

These systems allow you to be accessible from the same number no matter where you are; in Ireland or abroad, work office or home office without any discernible change in service or cost to you or the person contacting you.

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Working from home has shown us how important these two utilities have become in our day to day lives.

Merchant Services

The slow switch away from cash and over to card payments as accelerated greatly through 2020 and 2021.

We have rapidly moved to a much more cashless society; with cards and contactless payments such as Google Pay and Apple Pay on our phones and smart watches now accounting for a significant increase in overall payment methods. This is not surprising given the current global environment we are in, but it also pays to be contactless, with the average contactless transaction costing 1 cent or less in comparison to an average 35 cent per ATM withdrawal.

With so many customers now not only looking for but expecting contactless payment options, businesses are now requiring more cash free and online service options. Whether you are new to cards or have an existing credit card provider, Eicea Energy offer a complete review of Merchant service providers to find the most suitable option for your business.

There is a huge array of merchant services available and it is important to find the right solution for your business whether you are in the professional services, local shop, sports club or hairdresser. Your business will dictate the services you need (Moto, Ecommerce, online invoicing) and we can save you money by showing where and how to remove non-compliance fees, authorisation fees, premium fees and other unnecessary charges.

Our customer service ensure that delivery and install is by dedicated install engineers who will talk you through how to operate the machine and how to follow up with reporting and transaction queries.